AI Engineer World's Fair 2024

June 25 - 27, 2024
Artificial Intelligence
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Join 2,000 software engineers enhanced by and building with AI. With 9 tracks and over 100 sessions, you can design the program schedule that perfectly matches your business needs.

Program Overview

We've designed & curated a program to provide you with maximum value, intrigue, and fun. Here's the high level overview of the main content:

Workshop Day

Select from multiple workshops from the top companies and engineers who are pushing the boundaries of AI Engineering. Taking place all day, workshop day will send you through a hyperloop of productivity.

Main Conference Days

Two full days of talks across 9 tracks, bookended with inspiring and revealing keynotes from the biggest and most consequential companies in the industry. Stay for the onsite afterparty on June 26!

The most exciting and innovative expo of the year -- featuring the top companies with foundation models and frameworks including Microsoft, Google, and AWS, to exciting and innovative startups.

Attendees who purchase a Conference + Workshop Pass also receive access to additional morning workshops + Lunch & Learn workshops on these days.

Leadership Track

Exclusive track for VPs & Execs. Purchase the VP Pass to get access to the special leadership track where you'll get exclusive sessions with leading experts in the field, along with facilitated sessions to share your knowledge in small group topical discussions with other engineering and business leaders.

Leadership Track Perks. Get access to the exclusive leadership track session & networking rooms (only 300 tickets available), the VIP welcome reception with speakers and top sponsors, plus all keynotes and talks.