ASEAN Conversational AI and Chatbot 2022

June 9, 2022
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Topics highlighting the trends in Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP), the adoption of intelligent virtual assistants and chatbots to boost customer experience, success stories of conversational AI applications and the growth of this industry will feature in the program agenda. This event will connect and bring together all stakeholders integral to this industry. Experts from diverse industries in the ASEAN region will come together to share trends, strategies, case studies, and the roadmap of Conversational AI and chatbots. Some of the key topics that will be discussed include:

  • Transforming government services with conversational AI
  • Conversational Renaissance - voice, text and what next?
  • Analysing the Growth of Conversational AI in a post-COVID world
  • Conversational AI as an enabler in achieving improved CX
  • Intelligent virtual assistants and the future of work
  • The power of Chatbots in breaking language barriers
ASEAN Conversational AI and Chatbot 2022

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